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A Good (piece of) Content is Hard to Find

posted by Michael Epps Utley Michael Epps Utley
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A few weeks ago, I had 3 different people ask me – in a 24 hour period – for tips on developing good content for their website. They wanted to know any pros or cons for developing their own content, and what GoEpps could offer. They wanted to know what we do, how we do it, and why it works.

Three similar inquiries in one day begged a larger question:

Why is good content so hard to find?

  • SEO is not about tricking anyone, and the days of content farming are over.
    We’re not spending energy producing multiple pages of nonsense. We’re looking for ways to connect businesses with their community and potential customers. We’re making content more valuable, not just increasing traffic numbers.
  • Good content is as much about what you don’t publish as it is about what you do publish.
    At some point businesses got the impression that their followers would care at all what the CEO ate for lunch. They don’t! There is no need to publish things that aren’t part of your company’s voice. No matter what publishing platform you’re using, ensure that your content is relevant to your intended audience.
  • Developing good content is not something that takes 10 minutes and is just so you can check off the to-do list.
    It’s part of a coherent strategy that works to grow a business. Within GoEpps, we develop good content and then we use it four times: initially in an article, then translate it to a video script, then we generate a link within a newsletter, and finally we post the link again to social media outlets. We’re like a French Kitchen: We don’t throw anything out until we’ve found ways to use it over and over and over again.

Good content doesn’t have to be complicated; it just needs to involve strategy and consistency. Take a good look at your online presence – is it more complicated than it needs to be? If so, consider using GoEpps to streamline and simplify your web presence.

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