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Everything You Can Do With Google Analytics + Google Search Console

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Google may already be the leading platform for online consumer inquiries, but it’s also become a leader in online marketing. The platform’s ever-improving algorithm and tools are invaluable for businesses and marketing analysts in every industry. You may already be aware of certain promotional features like Google My Business pages and Google Posts, which help brands reach local audiences and share relevant information. Likewise, your company might utilize SEO marketing techniques to rank higher in Google search results.

As it turns out, Google offers additional tools that can help you improve your marketing outreach, learn more about your customers and campaigns, and optimize your website and/or landing pages. These two services are called Google Analytics and Google Search Console. Let’s look at some of the key features offered by each of these systems, and why your business should take advantage of them.


Google Analytics

In the world of business, nothing is more valuable than good information. The more you know about your operations, employees, customers, and brand image, the more power you have to make necessary adjustments.

Google Analytics specifically hones in on your business’ online marketing activities. This tool gathers important information regarding user habits on your site and apps, manages and organizes your important data, and even makes predictive analyses based on the insights it gathers. All of this information is relayed to you in customizable real-time reports.

Much of what Google Analytics does can get pretty technical. To keep things simple, here is a list of the amazing things it can do for you:

  • Track User Engagement and Activity on Site and Apps
  • Measure Online Campaigns and Traffic
  • Uncover Insights from User Data, Including Potential Conversion Candidates
  • Connect Easily with Google Ads, AdSense, Ad Manager, Display & Video 360, and AdMob
  • Deliver Shareable Reports in Real-Time
  • Allow You to Customize Areas of Focus

Simply put, Google Analytics gives you the most up to date, relevant information regarding your brand’s online presence, analyzes it for you, and delivers insights that can be leveraged to optimize your future outreach campaigns.

Google Search Console

Google’s free Search Console service is solely focused on your business’ website and how it appears in search results. In this way, Search Console is especially useful in the realms of web design, site administration, and search engine optimization.

Here are some of the handy features you’ll find in Search Console:

  • Alerts for Site Issues Such as Spam or Indexing or Schema Errors
  • Reveals Sites and Pages that Link to Yours
  • Troubleshooting for Mobile and Search Issues
  • Information on Your Site’s Search Traffic Data
  • Confirmation that Your Site Appears Correctly in Google Searches

Because the service is free and highly automated, there is no reason to not take advantage of its offerings, especially if you’re a web developer or SEO specialist. Using Google Search Console will keep you up to date on your website’s presence, and cue you in on ways to improve its speed, fix any bugs, and make it more user-friendly.

If you run a business these days, you’re going to want to optimize it for Google in the first place. Using Google’s proprietary tools, including Google Analytics and Google Search Console are useful ways to maximize your brand’s online presence both within the Google ecosystem and beyond. These two services should be key components of your brand strategy moving forward.

Looking for ways to leverage Google’s tools for your marketing strategy? GoEpps can help you make the most out of this search-driven world. Contact us today to learn more about all the services we offer!

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