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GoEpps and BWP Join Forces in Nashville to Offer AI-Powered Marketing Services for Legal Professionals

posted by Michael Epps Utley Michael Epps Utley
Go Epps BWP Press Release

Nashville, TN – Dec. 6, 2023 – In a strategic move to cater to the unique marketing needs of legal professionals, leading marketing agencies GoEpps and BWP have announced an exclusive collaboration. This partnership aims to provide specialized and comprehensive marketing services tailored specifically for lawyers in the vibrant US legal landscape.

GoEpps, recognized for its innovative digital marketing strategies, and BWP, renowned for its expertise in ad marketing, are combining their strengths to offer a suite of customized solutions designed to elevate the online presence and reach of law firms and individual attorneys.

"Law firms require a distinct approach to marketing that acknowledges the complexities and nuances of their industry," said Michael Epps Utley, spokesperson for GoEpps. "Our collaboration with BWP is a testament to our commitment to meeting these unique needs, providing tailored strategies and solutions to help legal professionals thrive in a competitive market."

With a focus on digital marketing, branding, content creation, search engine optimization, and targeted advertising, this collaboration is set to equip legal practitioners with the tools necessary to stand out in a crowded marketplace and attract the right clientele.

"We are excited about the prospects of this collaboration with GoEpps," stated Keith Hilgenfeldt of BWP. "Our combined expertise and industry knowledge will offer lawyers a competitive edge, allowing them to strengthen their brand, expand their online reach, and ultimately connect with their target audience more effectively."

The joint services by GoEpps and BWP will encompass a comprehensive array of strategies, including website development, social media management, search engine marketing, and content creation, all meticulously tailored to the unique requirements of law firms and attorneys.

Legal professionals seeking to optimize their online presence and marketing strategies can now benefit from the combined prowess of GoEpps and BWP. The collaboration's goal is to empower law firms with the tools necessary to thrive in the AI-powered digital landscape, ultimately enabling them to better serve their clients while expanding their practices.

For more information about this collaboration and the specialized marketing services offered, please contact:

GoEpps: Kailyn Liebetreu,

BWP: Keith Hilgenfeldt, BWP,

For further inquiries or interviews, please contact the media representatives listed above.

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