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How Contractors Can Use Instagram and TikTok to Attract New Customers

posted by Michael Epps Utley Michael Epps Utley
How Contractors can Use Instagram and Tik Tok to Attract New Customers

Today, many builders, contractors, and remodelers have a Facebook page to stay connected with clients and people in their communities, a LinkedIn site to find new suppliers and workers, and perhaps a Twitter account to get the word out.

Are those channels enough to grow your business?

The answer is probably NO.

Many successful contractors are pushing the envelope on social media by turning to Instagram and TikTok, which are popular with younger people who are now entering the market for hiring construction companies.

This article explains why it could be time for contractors to reconsider their social media tactics and how to use social content to connect with today’s consumers.

Social Media for Construction Businesses

Why Social Media Marketing Is Critical for Construction Businesses

Social media isn’t just valuable for connecting with prospective clients. It can also keep you present with the people in your community, help you identify new suppliers, and seek out qualified workers.

If used correctly, social media also allows construction-related businesses to showcase their projects, demonstrate problem-solving skills, highlight the quality of their work, prove they know how to use modern techniques and products, and reveal their aesthetic. People are very receptive to construction content in social media because it’s fun to look at and can provide valuable information. The best contractors use social media to demonstrate that they’re serious about their work, are knowledgeable craftspeople, take pride in their projects, and make customers happy.

Social media content also provides validation. If someone is looking for home improvement ideas and they see your company over and over in their social feeds, and their friends follow you, they’re likely to do deeper research about your firm. It’s a powerful form of word-of-mouth marketing.

Most successful contractors report that more than half of their business can be traced back to social media marketing. If your numbers aren’t comparable, you have a significant opportunity to improve your social media efforts and earn more revenue.

The Value of Social Media Video and Imagery for Contracting Businesses

Videos and imagery on social media can provide a detailed look at a contractor’s quality and craftsmanship. While imagery and videos are key components of Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter, they’re far more central components of the TikTok and Instagram experiences. People on those channels are concerned about how things look (and sound), and contractors may be able to attract a significant number of new clients through them, many of which are willing to pay a premium for high-quality work.

TikTok, the short-form video app, is known for dances and music. However, it’s moved well beyond that, becoming a place for education, demonstrations, and idea sharing. Creative contractors have jumped on the TikTok trend to educate others, share their work, and demonstrate their skills.

How Contractors Can Achieve Social Media Success

For those not active on social, it’s time to jump in and commit. Even though platforms may become more or less popular, social media is here to stay, and it’s a force to be reckoned with. It’s becoming more and more challenging for construction companies to be successful without a strong social media presence. Most people today check out contractors online before doing business with them. If you’re not present on social media, your business may as well not exist.

What you put into social media—especially on platforms that people are passionate about, like TikTok and Instagram—is what you will get out of it. If you post junk, it will negatively impact the impression of your business and turn prospective clients away. If you take time and post quality images and videos, it will enhance the perception of your business and make it more likely people will include you in their consideration set.

Always take time to ensure the images and videos you post reflect your brand positively. If you specialize in contemporary construction, your content should reflect a modern aesthetic. If you do restoration work, use a warm and folksy style.

Ensure your social content provides genuine value to those who interact with it. It should educate, inspire, or motivate people to make improvements and encourage them to hire you to work for them.

While before-and-after videos and images are effective for contracting businesses, it’s essential to include people in some of your content. Faces humanize your business and work, making it more real and relatable. Featuring craftspeople helps demonstrate expertise. Similarly, including customers can act as an endorsement.

Also, adapt your content based on the app’s unique features. TikTok thrives on using songs and keeping up with trends. Think about using original music in your videos or choreographing the action to music. Instagram is all about quality images and video content. You’ll turn people off if you post junk.

Social Media for Construction Companies: The Bottom Line

The most successful contractors today get a significant amount of their business through social media. If you’re not active on these platforms, it’s time to jump on board. And if you’ve been on social media but only legacy platforms, consider whether it makes sense to expand into more current channels like Instagram and TikTok that appeal to younger and more visual audiences who could find and engage with your business there. It may be an excellent way to expand your current customer base.

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