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Make Mediocre Marketing Magnificent With These Tips

posted by Michael Epps Utley Michael Epps Utley
Make Mediocre Marketing Magnificent With These Tips

Have you ever had a marketing idea that you thought was going to be great but turned out to be half-baked?

Don’t worry. It happens to the best of us. This article explains how to transform a mediocre marketing mess into a marvelous promotional concept.

How to Fix (or Get Rid of) a Bad Marketing Idea

Here are our top tactics for improving an unsatisfying promotional concept.

Understand the Ask

One way to fix a bad idea is to figure out the purpose of the original marketing need or request. You may discover that a stakeholder asked for something but didn’t explain the “why” behind it. For instance, someone requests a podcast but doesn’t explain the rationale for it. Without a strong reason, many ideas become muddled. Retrofitting a “why” to a “what” will help focus and improve a poor concept.

Align on Goals

Successful organizations have documented company-level marketing and sales goals. Get a handle on a “meh” idea by exploring the goals it’s meant to support.

Look at how the project aligns with your already agreed-upon goals.

  • Do the goals and creative execution match up?

  • Where are they off, and why?

Once you have answers to these questions, you can evolve the idea into something new and fully aligned with company objectives. A concept can’t be good if it doesn’t serve an organizational purpose.

Focus on Target Audience Needs

Many failed marketing concepts result from not meeting the needs and expectations of the people you’re targeting. For instance, you may have a nagging doubt about a virtual reality experience if you’re targeting it to seniors. Will they actually engage with it?

If you’re working on a marketing project that isn’t fully coalescing, ask yourself whether it’s appropriate for the people you’re trying to connect with. If the answer is no, it’s time to come up with a concept that’s right for them.

Figure Out Where the Piece Fits Into the Customer Journey

When a concept doesn’t entirely make sense, it could be because it’s wrong for the phase of the customer experience it will support. Is a PowerPoint presentation right for an initial consumer interaction with your brand? Or would a video be more appropriate?

Understanding where a piece fits in the marketing and sales cycle will help you create content that makes complete sense.

Check the Emotions

The issue with many mediocre marketing projects is that the enthusiasm behind them comes from just one or two key stakeholders. Others may not be onboard — at least, not yet. This can lead to an impasse.

When you’re working through a bad idea or straining to see its value, it’s wise to step back to figure out whether it’s worth pursuing at all. When you compare it to other projects on your docket, you may realize why you must abandon it.

Align on a Common Ground

One reason marketing concepts go wrong is that stakeholders don’t completely agree on the project. The best way to remedy this is to come up with a project brief everyone aligns on. Once you do this, you can develop a piece everyone will be happy with. If you can’t align on a brief, it probably means the initiative is fatally flawed or you have another issue to overcome first.

Acknowledge Obstacles

Be open about what’s getting in the way of success. Be upfront about challenges, issues, and points of disagreement.

  • Is the budget for the project enough to execute it successfully?

  • Does your team have adequate bandwidth to take it on?

  • Is the right talent available to you?

Sometimes, simply naming the challenges makes it easier for everyone to discuss them and work together to solve them.

Remain Open to Fresh Thinking

When you have a weak concept in front of you, it can be impossible to get beyond it.

That’s why it’s essential to keep an open mind. Seek fresh sources of inspiration. Conduct brainstorming sessions. Turn to an agency or freelancer for a new perspective.

In short, the best way to break through a bad idea is to take a fresh approach and drive around it.

Always Work as a Team to Come Up With a Better Idea

In the end, turning mediocre concepts into something extraordinary is incredibly satisfying. Work as a team to consider different approaches and get everybody on board for a smooth transition from what’s bad to something stellar.

For additional guidance and inspiration, please reach out to us — we offer marketing strategy and planning and we’d love to be of service to your company in seeking to grow in 2024!

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