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Three Hard Truths About Video Marketing | You Are Underestimating Video

posted by Michael Epps Utley Michael Epps Utley

Video Transcript:

Hey everybody. Michael here. This is a three-part series on three hard truths about video marketing. Truth number one, and this is the only one I'm going to cover in this video. You are underestimating video. No matter who you are or where you are or what you're doing, I bet you don't think as highly of video over the coming year as I do. Video increases engagement, it increases engagement everywhere that it's used well in digital marketing and everywhere that it has good quality.

So this means web pages that have video content. People stay on those pages longer. Also, email and social media posts. Those types of content do better when they're in video format. And another one that we don't think of is search indexes, pages with video or taking your video and transcripting it, or having an optimized video listing. All these things really, really matter in terms of your brand's impact on the internet.

So we're in this weird phase with a lot of innovation and a lot happening with digital marketing. There are new platforms out there that are making it easier to spend a lot of time in people's inboxes, but if it's easy to do, anybody can do it. And if everybody's special, nobody's special. The Incredibles. And right now with everyone's inboxes, nobody is special.

So video is one of those places where a brand can pay the tax, they can bleed a little bit. In nature, we see this with huge displays of feathers. Sometimes it's males, sometimes it's a females, but it's a way of showing an ability to burn resources or an ability to distribute information in a certain way to say, I'm out here and I'm ready. And as in digital marketing, as in nature, when one channel gets burned out, marketers and marketing budgets have to look to other channels. And so inboxes, a lot of those are getting burned out. And so inbound marketing, using video is one of those things that still stands up.

And we're going to talk more about this, the next two videos in the series. Next video, please check it out. You're buying video wrong. We'll see you on the next one. Thanks.

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