Comprehensive Search Engine Optimization

You wonder why, as a business owner or executive, you show up on page 12 of a Google search behind your competitors – some of whom you know don’t know any more about the Web than you do. Is it luck? Do the search engines have it out for you?

This is where “Search” enters the picture. Now you can follow a clear path out of the wilderness.

About Search From GoEpps

Be Discovered

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and content marketing are the new bedrock for a solid online presence. As search engines work to show the best search results to their users, smart companies are learning how to better position their offers online for people who are already looking for them.

Plenty of companies know the frustration of seeing competitors show up above them in search results – even inferior companies. But the ones who have broken through the noise know the value of a solid track record with the search engines. And since most companies are not experts in SEO, the ones who have broken out have found success through guidance from a good partner.

“Search” advances your online presence in each of four areas simultaneously: 1) keyword strategy, 2) search-engine friendly website architecture, 3) purposeful website content, and 4) quality inbound links.

Be First

Investment in SEO is a basic best practice for companies ranging from those with a local service area to global product distribution. Here’s why SEO matters:

BrightLocal reports that SEO optimization and local links account for 34% of incoming sales leads compared to 3% for radio and TV combined (20,000 businesses surveyed).

SEO takes time but has better ROI than PPC. If you turn off PPC, you turn off the new business, but SEO has “legs” as investments in content and optimization carry forward for months and years.

The ROI for this channel depends heavily on your business. If you have a website conversion rate of 5% of traffic becoming sales or leads, but you have low qualified traffic, then getting more qualified traffic would generate more sales or leads. If you are not on page 1 of Google for your specific service, an SEO program can help get you there and begin to deliver more quality traffic.

The Road to the Top

Included in “Comprehensive Search Engine Optimization”

  • Competitor Analysis
  • Keyword Strategy
  • Geographic Market Planning
  • Keyword List Client Approval
  • Content Strategy
  • Exclusive Content Development
  • Website Architecture Planning
  • Domain Research For New Sites
  • Page By Page Url Optimization
  • Page Title (H1) Optimization
  • Page Content Body Optimization
  • Image Filename Optimization
  • Alt Text Optimization
  • Link Anchor Text Optimization
  • Meta Description Creation & Optimization
  • Tag & Category Creation Where Relevant
  • Quality Offsite Link Creation Including Maps
  • Social Profile Content Tagging
  • Site Auditing Against 20 Best Practices
  • Broken Link Correction
  • Duplicate Content Identification
  • Permanent Redirect Creation
  • Keyword Density Analysis & Optimization
  • Webmaster Tools Setup & Monitoring

A Tool for Growth

SEO works over time to attract more and more qualified traffic to your website.

For seasonal businesses, it works year-round to better position you for the next big season.

Snapshot (right)
Sample campaign report showing traffic to a GoEpps-produced website for a local business offering landscaping, irrigation, and emergency tree service.

SEO Pageviews

What Our Clients Say

“We wanted to grow our tree-service business a few years back, but we didn’t know what we were doing with the Web. GoEpps got us going with our blogs and SEO. Now our biggest challenge is managing the growth. GoEpps has been our partner in growth since 2009.” – GoEpps SEO Client

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