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You only have one blog post on your site… and it’s from three years ago. You want to be seen as an informative authority in your industry without having flashbacks of school term papers. But who can help take on crafting new content for the site? And does it even really matter?

“Content” brings this problem down to size.

About Content from GoEpps

Tell Your Story

In today’s marketing and sales environment, everyone is a publisher. Content on your website that allows you to share your offers helps B2B as well as B2C consumers find and self-educate what you are offering. “Content” provides articles, blog posts, white papers, case studies, and landing pages to help search engines better find your products or services.

Investment in content for your website has other benefits. At GoEpps, we create new, exclusive content for a website, but then get a number of other uses for it. In addition to posting on your site, a new article can be shared to your customers as part of an email newsletter. New articles on your website also make great content to share to your social media channels. Finally, if an article is created around a key topic that has long term value to your audience, it may serve as a foundation for creating a video.

In developing these assets for your website, we focus on the key areas of quality content development. 1) Content should be useful – it should meet some need that your customers already have. 2) It should be valuable – it should give them something they can’t get anywhere else. 3) Your content must be credible – you must come from a perspective of authority and competence in what you publish. 4) It must be high quality – this is no time to get sloppy. Even with a blog, you want to have clear, coherent ideas surrounding your offers. 5) It must be engaging – even a white paper on a new medical product must be readable. Even your B2B audience is made up of humans. Don’t make it a chore to read your content.

GoEpps has an active network of 100 writers and other content producers in healthcare, automotive, manufacturing, local business, and more.

Content Works Hard

Content is the tool for attracting qualified traffic through search engines:

Content Marketing Institute reports that 86% of B2B marketers are using content marketing this year, and 70% are creating more content than they did one year ago.

Content Marketing Institute reports that 77% of B2C marketers use content marketing.

Say Something New

Included in “Digital Content Planning & Production”

      • Competitor Analysis & Report
      • Keyword Planning & Report
      • Article & Story Ideas
      • Editorial Schedule Planning
      • Article Production
      • Client Content Approval
      • Article Posting Including All Meta Content
      • Content SEO Elements
      • Weekly Project Updates
      • Keyword Optimization

Content Counts

Producing thousands of pieces of quality content requires a team. We have a scalable team of writers who cover a range of topics. Some have specialized experience, and others are good at getting your best stories out of you by phone.

This combination of industry knowledge and a journalistic approach makes our corps of writers one of the best in the business.

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We produce content! Report showing how many new and exclusive articles, blog posts, and landing pages we have produced in recent years.

Blog Posts Produced by Year

What Our Clients Say

“We didn’t really get it when it came to website content. It sounded like a bunch of people regurgitating information to each other online. But when we looked at how keywords worked, it clicked for us. Now it’s something we do every month.” – Content Services Client

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