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Top B2B Marketing Tips for Contracting Businesses

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Top B2 B Marketing Tips for Contracting Businesses

Are you a contractor or construction company looking for new business relationships?

Connecting with companies that require your services can seem impossible. Don’t worry! Our experts have got your back. Check out our top tips and strategies for identifying, marketing to, and closing deals with organizations that need contracting and construction support.

Hint: B2B marketing may be a lot more like B2C promotion than you expect!

Identify Niches and Target Accordingly

A construction or contracting company must identify businesses with a high probability of turning into leads and clients. This can be relatively easy if your operation offers a single type of service to a defined customer base. However, if you provide a range of services, you need to identify different business client types that may be right for them and then market to them appropriately.

For instance, public enterprises often require paint jobs and remodeling services. It probably makes sense to reach out to them with messaging and offers for these more limited services. Private companies typically need more extensive construction work to build additions and new buildings. You may want to go bold and pitch them these more costly — and typically profitable — offerings. Stores, which usually suffer more wear and tear than other types of businesses, often need flooring, reconstruction, and painting. Over time, you can target different groups with offers that could be right for them and learn which ones generate the best results and the most new business.

Usually, the simplest and most effective way to market complex contracting and construction companies to other businesses is through segmentation and customized messaging. This helps ensure prospective clients see offers they are likely to respond to without having to make their way through a lot of clutter that doesn’t apply to them.

Implement a Referral Program

Think that referral programs are only effective for business-to-consumer marketing? Think again! Referral programs often bring in a significant number of new business clients. Much like individual consumers, business purchasers usually prefer to do business with contractors and construction companies that are recommended to them. Add to this that everyone loves discounts and incentives, whether an individual or an entire enterprise.

Here are some things you can do to create an effective B2B referral program:

  • Make sure you offer something (a discount or complimentary service) that is meaningful in return for a recommendation. If it positively impacts a business’s bottom line, even better.

  • Make it fast and simple to register for the referral program. A difficult process won’t earn many recommendations.

  • Be thoughtful when selling to prospects referred to you. Don’t make unrealistic claims or set unreasonable expectations. It could harm your relationship with the original client.

What’s critical with referrals is that you have a process in place to send program notices to pleased business customers. You can’t get referrals if you don’t ask for them.

Improve Your Search Engine Visibility

If a company is looking for the construction or contracting services you offer, you must make it easy to be found online.

Leverage search engine optimization (SEO) best practices to ensure your website and business ranks on Google and other search engines. The good news is that SEO is a relatively inexpensive way for smaller firms to get a leg up on larger competitors.

Some proven things contractors can do to optimize their sites for search include:

  • Using keywords and phrases that convey their business, services, and customer base to Google so it can serve up your web pages to the right people.

  • Structuring headings and subheadings so Google’s bots can crawl them.

  • Improving pages so they load quickly and deliver a great user experience.

  • Making the most of your Google Business Profile (GBP) so it’s current and provides all the latest information about your company.

Check out how to optimize your site and other factors that can help businesses find you on Google.

Social Media Should Be Central to Your B2B Strategies

Another major misconception among business owners and marketers is that social media is only appropriate for B2C marketing. Nothing could be further from the truth. Businesses and professionals use it — especially LinkedIn — for networking and reaching out to other organizations.

LinkedIn ad campaigns and other marketing tactics make it possible to target prospective clients by location, company, and position. For instance, you may be able to connect with critical local business decision-makers — such as owners, CEOs, CFOs, and construction managers — and share messages related to their unique needs.

Also, posting images and videos on a visual platform like Instagram can be a great way to show off the quality of work you do for the customers you partner with. Visuals offer an excellent way to get other businesses interested in your work, and they could provide the proof it takes to close deals.

Update Your Website

When was the last time you updated your contracting business website? If you’re not sure, it was probably too long ago.

Your website is your first introduction to prospective new clients. Make sure it makes a great first impression. Some things you should consider when improving your site include:

  • Addressing the unique needs of different client segments on a series of landing pages rather than a complex home page.

  • Ensuring your website is optimized for mobile-first since it’s likely that most business clients will access it on their smartphones or tablets.

  • Making calls-to-action clear and simple to find and act on so prospective customers can easily book an appointment, provide contact information, or download media when they want to.

  • Regularly updating your case studies and photos of your work so you’re always showcasing your most recent and best projects.

Don’t know where to begin? Have current customers review your website with a fresh eye. They may be able to help you identify gaps and issues you may not recognize. Viewing your website through a client’s eyes could help you see it in a fresh light.

B2B Contractor Marketing: The Bottom Line

B2B marketing for contractors must include many of the same tactics and strategies companies use to attract non-business clients. Tight targeting, customized messaging, referrals, engagement through social media, and an optimized website are all critical. If you’re not confident that your marketing resonates with prospective customers, review it with some of your current ones. They could provide valuable insights on improving it so you can bring in more new business accounts.

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